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Welcome to The Deltona Buyers Home Source . The only website you will need to use while buying or selling a home. Most websites are chocked full of information, but my goal is for you to take the time to read this as you start your journey on the home buying process. It will be brief and easy to understand as I go through the entire process with you prior to showing you houses and then I literally go through the process with you physically. I’m there with you just about every step of the way. Let’s get started:

The Home Buying Process In A Few Words

What You Need TO DO FIRST

What’s Next in the Home Buying Process With Allen Thompson

The Closing Process

I made it sound easy, and while the steps are, it’s the in-between that requires a lot of work as a team. Especially if you want to get into your home within a specific time frame. Did you know there are at least 180 tasks that a REALTOR will probably handle in your transaction? I love what I do regardless of the tasks needed. If you need further clarification now, please contact me in the method you prefer. I would love to be your Deltona Home Source and your REALTOR of choice! Contact me, Allen Thompson today!

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