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Buying Vacant Land in Deltona – Deland – Orange City

Many people dream of owning their own land and building. It is more than possible in Deland, Deltona and Orange City as land is still available to build and at affordable prices. As a professional real estate agent I highly recommend that you work with an agent during this process, as purchasing land over the internet can be costly or turn into a big mistake

Deltona Land – Orange City Vacant Land – De Land Lots

There are questions you should be asking before investing in a piece of property. You should also see the land and stand on it! Sounds silly but the fact of the matter is that land often sells with very little research and can cost you thousands or you may be at risk of a scam. Here are a few tips before investing in or buying vacant land:

  • Stand on the property. Yes, go see the property. Check out the surroundings and possibly ask neighbors about the area. You will be surprised in what the neighbors know and they are usually happy to share.
  • Don’t buy alone. Although you might think that buying a piece of land is easy, you really need the protection of a REALTOR, as there are disclosures that are required by law that can help you make a sound purchase and give you peace of mind.
  • Undeveloped land can be costly when you consider the additional costs when it comes to removing trees, building roads and who is responsible for utilities such as electric and water. Many times the cost is absorbed by the buyer of the land.

Questions you should ask before putting any money down on a piece of land:

  • Are there restrictions on land use?
  • Has the land been surveyed recently?
  • Any easements or encroachments?
  • Has the soil been tested?
  • Percolation tests performed?

Buying land for a variety of reasons can be a great investment and/or opportunity to build your own home, farm or investment. Don’t get ripped off! Have a lot or lots to sell? Call, I would love the opportunity to help. Contact me today!


Allen Thompson

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