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Museum of Art-DeLand:
Hollywood Stills Virtual Viewing

From the very inception of the motion picture industry, still images have accompanied the release and marketing of feature films, drawing-in customers to the local “movie houses” with their evocative images and studies of the stars. From the late silent film era to more modern times, artful and dramatically composed photographs were used to capture the essence of the features they highlighted. Displayed in glass cases outside the theaters, these pictures were sometimes used in local print advertising, as well as accompanying spicy stories in magazines like Photoplay and Modern Screen.

Please Note: This exhibition is now on-view in person at our 600 N. Woodland Blvd. galleries. However, we’ll continue to offer weekly virtual viewing selections below for those who would like to maintain social distance. You can read about the on-site safety precautions we are taking at each of our locations here.

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