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Deltona: The Largest City in Volusia County

An interesting fact about the city of Deltona is that it is actually the largest city in Volusia County. While folks may know a lot about Daytona Beach and other cities on the coastline, area’s in West Volusia continue to grow and Deltona is no exception.

Deltona Is Known For Residential Communities

Deltona’s population is over 85,182 residents and is considered the largest municipality within Volusia County. Deltona has always been known for its residential communities, more so than business. Because of that, many of the residents must commute to work outside of the city. However, with population growth and demand for commerce times are beginning to change.

Deltona Is Like No Other City in Volusia County

Volusia County is beautiful and Deltona is no exception, with tree lined streets, parks and many things young and old enjoy. Rolling hills, lakes and old oak trees make Deltona stand out from other cities in Volusia County. It’s real estate is also no exception. Properties vary in style, size and price and that would include commercial real estate. Now is a great time to buy in Deltona as it’s still quite affordable dollar for dollar, especially in comparison to the coastline of Volusia County.

Deltona Wants Your Business

The city of Deltona welcomes new business’ and offers many incentives as does the State of Florida. Growth in commerce will help residents with employment within the city as well as financial stability for continued growth. Halifax Health is adding an 80 bed emergency hospital in Deltona. Another facility is in the planning stages for Halifax Health. Adding commerce in this great city will help generate income for the city, employment for residents and keep the residents working, playing and living in Deltona.

As a professional real estate agent, I do handle both commercial and residential real estate. I would love the opportunity to assist you! I love living in Deltona Florida and you will too, so contact me today!!

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