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Don’t Wait to Repair or Replace

When purchasing a new home, the buyer might not always go with the seller’s “style”. For example, the carpet and paint just don’t do it for you and the tool shed is rusting through.

The above mentioned can be replaced quickly, so don’t let them stop you from making a offer. The key is to imagine what the home will look like minus the orange shag carpet or pink bedroom walls. Simply take measurements after your offer is accepted and start shopping around to add your own personal touches.

See if you can’t get some lead time so that you have a couple weeks to repaint, tile or re-carpet the house before you move in! Remember when you hire someone to come in and lay new carpet there is usually a fee to move the furniture around. Repainting is a LOT easier to do without having to hang sheets over your valuables and/or moving them as you go.

Once you move in and become the homeowner, don’t let things wait to be repaired. The longer you wait, the more expensive the repair may wind up being. Perhaps the home inspector told you that you have another 3 years on the roof.. think about replacing it as soon as possible. The last thing you need is a leak inside your walls, or on your new carpet and wood antique dresser in the bedroom. How old is the water heater and what is its projected lifespan? If it’s outlived the lifespan given to it, start your research NOW on a replacement. Not only will it save you from a surprise in the shower but it will probably help to improve your electric or gas bill. (It may also be a tax write off, make sure to look into that!)

The shed in the back yard has been there for years and it shows. Replace it as soon as possible to avoid ruining your yard tools, lawn mower, or pressure washer. You don’t want to ruin those expensive items!

Lastly, everyone should have a fireproof safe in their home to keep the insurance, mortgage and information/receipts for items you’ve replaced. If you decide to use a safe deposit box instead, make sure your paperwork is in some type of waterproof container, as the deposit box may not be waterproof.

If you have any questions about buying or selling your home and what updates you should make to prepare, contact me today! I would be more then happy to sit down and gently guide you.


Allen Thompson

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